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iPhone 5 Immediately Marketed?

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iPhone 5 Immediately Marketed? - Apple is rumored to be launching the iPhone 5 with a larger screen, which is 4.6 inches. The iPhone is touted as rivals Galaxy S2 made ​​by Samsung.
This gadget is touted as rivals Samsung Galaxy S2, which was launched last April 

Rumor iPhone 5 Released
Rumor iPhone 5
Apple sources in Korea indicates that the model is reliable. Screen and the processor used is supplied from Korea with the best technology for the Apple company. "The use of 4.6-inch touch screen on this new generation of iPhone will be launched and began to spread to the seller, next summer," the source said.

iPhone was first introduced in 2007 with a touch screen method. Now, the talkative competitors adopt the technology.
Samsung, the main competitors are now also using the iPhone touch screen with OLED display measuring 4.6 inches for Galaxy S2 platform, introduced in April last year.

Meanwhile, a variant of its predecessor, the iPhone 4S was introduced in October last year.
Previously, Apple's success selling the new iPhone in 10 countries. In four days, Apple sold up to 3 million units. Is the iPhone 5 will be following the success of Apple's new?

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