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The LG Optimus One Cell Phone - Enhanced Web Experience For The Busy Surfer

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LG Optimus One
Smart phones are getting more complex every year and the LG is truly an optimized cell. Technology is always moving forward even though the appearance of cell phones and smart phones tends to remain consistent. Google has played a major role in the development of the LG by adding its Android OS system. What this phone really lacks is speed and the ability to process information in a more expedient manner. If this operating system could actually have more power to process, it would make the phone much better. Here is a honest review about the positive and negative aspects of the LG.

As with most cell phone manufacturers today, there is a trend toward making smartphones like the LG Optimus One. You will notice that the Optimus One has a plastic casing opposed to a metal exterior which can be both good and bad. This phone is very light and easy to use, not to mention comfortable to hold. Regardless of the size of hands that you have, it will be very easy to find settings on this phone like volume control. It is simply a matter of preference and people need to understand that it cannot be designed for everyone. This phone is very easy to use because of its size and construction regardless of who you are.

LG Optimus one-2
Using Swype technology is the focus of this next topic. This is basically hardware and software technology that allows you to slide a finger over text characters you want to type in one motion. So, with the Optimus One smart phone, you will have Swype capability with the keyboard that is displayed on the screen. Instead of pecking at the keyboard, you are sliding or swiping your fingers which is still registered by the software. The more you use it, the more the software is able to notice patterns and remember. It will figure out the most common words you type so it can recognize them faster and more accurately.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term Swype or Swype technology, let's go over that. In essence, it allows you to slide your fingers over text characters using modern hardware and software. The display screen on most smartphones, especially those that have Swype technology like the Optimus One, have a built-in keyboard. The ability to swipe your fingers across your digital display, instead of specifically hitting individual keys, makes it so much easier. The more you use it, the more the software is able to notice patterns and remember. This latest technology is actually able to store hundreds of words that are common within your usual texting each day.

If you are an average user of a smart phone, then this device will be fine for your normal uses. So if you are not a demanding user, then you can expect a very pleasant experience. A lot of people like using voice search along with the GPS that is also a part of the many features. You will need to monitor your battery and usage if you tend to use your phone a lot. If you tend to be a heavy user, such as going online and everything else, then you may find it necessary to recharge the battery before the end of the day. The LG Optimus One Cell Phone is designed for functionality over aesthetic appeal, it seems. People are very different because some merely want a phone that is well made and reliable, and this phone certainly is that. However, the Optimus One will give you solid performance and results which is always desired.
Obviously, getting programs for your cell phone is fifty percent of the enjoyment. Recently, Symbian applications have been becoming more and more common. Why don't you acquire some today? Talk with your neighborhood cellular phone store for more details.

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