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What To Know About Future Cell Phone Technology

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When mobile communications devices first hit the market, they were so expensive only large companies or rich individuals had deep enough pockets to pay thousands a dollars a month for service. However, thanks to advances in manufacturing and components the devices are getting smaller and more affordable. And future cell phone technology shows no signs of slowing down, because of demand.

Traveling between different countries can be something of a hassle now, because of all the different kinds of systems that send and receive data. Coverage is also spotty in some locations. One major innovation may change that so there are no more dropped calls. It is called network hopping, and will be intended to allow users to get connected anywhere, anytime, in any country, regardless of the kind of phone.

One trend that has followed the development of the devices is that they continue to get smaller. The first ones were bulky with a big antenna on them and a sling, to carry them over the shoulder. Phones will be even smaller still, and have longer battery life. Some could have small solar panels on the back so they can be recharged by simply turning them over, with the back toward the sunlight.

Designers are also getting into the act, creating phones that not only communication but also make a fashion statement. A device could be sewn into a jacket or shirt, allowing hands free operation. Other ones may be designed as a kind of circle, so the components can be worn on a wrist like a bracelet. The devices are already so small, they can be disguised and hidden almost anywhere.

One restriction on the kinds of advanced functions that are available is that the current networks can only transfer so much digital information back and forth. In the not so distant future they will be updated so phones will be a miniature TV, capable of displaying HD or 3D movies in high resolution. They will also be video game consoles.

Taking still pictures or video/audio will also be more user friendly. The resolution will be at a professional level, allowing anyone to capture and share breaking news that they witness. Users will also be able to stream video and audio in real time, that will be displayed at the correct resolution, even on big screen TVs.

As more security features are added, users may also download apps that let them carry their ID verification in a digital copy on the phones. So, there will be no need to carry cash when getting a beer at the local pub. All the user has to do is pull out their device, show the special digital code that an only be read by a scanner, and pay for it.

Advances in the design and use of mobile communications devices is moving quickly, thanks to the demand from people around the world for inexpensive, but reliable, phones. Future cell phone technology will add more features to them so that users will have all the power of a laptop in their pocket or purse.

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