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Video Browsing Capabilities of the LG Doubleplay

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The LG Doubleplay is not just a normal phone but a super smart phone, the cool amazing features with state of the art technology makes it a must have accessory. You can have all the important features in that phone so you do not have a need to carry different devices. Let us look at the browsing feature of LG Doubleplay.

The mobile phone technology has improved a lot in the few last year's. Very interesting features are also introduced to in the new mobile phones with the help of latest technology. Most of the features and operations done practically by the user on a PC are now being integrated to the mobile phone industry. Who knows maybe in the near future PCs will be of no use since mobile phones will have taken all the functions. This mobile device is considered as the best technology in the mobile industry in recent years. Their competitor rivals now have to come up with new features to compete with the extravagant smart phone.

The video browsing features of this device aside from other features installed makes it stand out from the rest of other smart phones. These applications run on the Android platform. Android is the latest mobile operating system that has high functionality and advanced user and multitasking efficiency.

You can watch the online videos through flash media by online streaming. Using your smart phone you can just search for the videos either in YouTube, social media or any webpage and watch it online without downloading. You can upload and download any video at high speed due to 4G internet connectivity with HSPDA. There is a media player that comes pre-loaded into this device; this media player enables you to play the video conveniently either online or downloaded.

You can also change the format of the video you want to upload or download through video converter. You can also change the format of the files without the usage of computer. You can also change the effects of the video quality and edit the video in whatever way you want. You can find this application under Android operating system and you can find it in Android market online.

The LG Doubleplay accessories also play a major role in enhancing your video browsing experience. At times you feel real bored and tired watching videos in the small dual screens. So if you are facing the same then you just have to install an application on your phone and then connect your phone with large screen. When you connect to large screen it will not have any effects on the quality so you can watch the same quality but on big screen. The amazing touch screen can be protected by using a screen protector. Your mobile screen will remain safe from scratches and UV rays through screen protector. To increase the protection of your phone from physical damage and other accidental circumstances you will need a case. The case will provide that extra cushioning for your smart phone providing maximum protection.

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