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Using your iPhone 4S to Remain Current on the News

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The iPhone 4S - Black and White
The iPhone 4S, the newest addition to the smart phone family of the Apple Company, has recently made a huge splash with the smart phone community. Boasting new functionalities and capabilities, the iPhone 4S has surpassed its predecessor, the iPhone 4, in terms of sales and popularity, as more than 4 million purchases were made just days after it was released in the market. The iPhone truly meets Apple's current tagline for it, as "the most amazing iPhone ever".

This phone is significantly more powerful than any of its predecessors. It comes equipped with a Dual Core A5 Chip Processor and 512 MB RAM, which makes it capable of multitasking. The camera has been upgraded from a 5 MP camera, to an 8 MP camera capable of capturing pictures and videos to up to 1080p HD quality. Last but not the least, it has a new functionality; a built-in assistant named "Siri". With "Siri", you can input commands by simply telling it to do so (through the use of a headset) instead of inputting it normally. With these functionalities, it is not surprising why it is so popular among smart phone users.

iphone 4S
Like other smart phones, this phone is able to connect to the Internet. It is also capable of connecting to the Internet through 4G services. With 4G capabilities, they can connect to the Internet faster, and browse the Internet faster compared to other Internet users. This phone can also connect to other Internet services, provided that 4G service is not available in the vicinity. Also, it can be a mobile Internet hub, enabling other users to connect to the Internet with the help of it. This functionality, among many others, is what makes it more popular than other smart phones in the market.

With its Internet capabilities, you can keep yourself updated with the latest news from all around the globe. Its built-in news application will show you the latest updates from all around the world, all coming from the most trusted names in news. Also, you can subscribe to these news websites so that you can get continuous updates and feeds regarding news from all around the world (this feature requires your phone to be connected on the Internet). With this, you can get updates as soon as it happens. A good feature for everyone who wants their news delivered straight on the palm of their hand.

iphone 4
If that is not enough news for you, you can download and install various news applications for your Apple device. Of course, this applications, in order for it to be constantly updated, will need your smart phone to be connected to the Internet at all times. But with this device, this shouldn't be a problem. These applications are usually free, and can be downloaded on their official website(s).

If you want to use your mobile phone as your mobile news provider, you should definitely opt for Apple iPhone 4S accessories like a case, a screen protector, and a battery pack. With these accessories, you can protect your mobile phone from damage that can render it irreparable, as well as prolong its battery life as long as you use these accessories. These accessories are cheap and wouldn't cost you too much so it is wise for you to invest on these accessories. With these accessories, you can greatly boost your phone's overall functionalities and capabilities.


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