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Proper Usage of Cell Phones

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Proper Usage of Cell Phones
Everyone agrees that cell phones are a boon and are extremely useful but it can be rather annoying in workplaces or at any institution. Since anyone can contact you at any time, it is imperative that you switch it off during work hours out of consideration for seniors, colleagues and even your boss. This will also help you to concentrate better on your work. It is good to know cell phone etiquette.

During work hours, it is better to turn your cell phone ringer off or at least set it to vibration mode. The sounds of various ringtones going off can be very annoying to others. Moreover, you dont want your boss thinking you are on the phone all the time and not working. Use your cell phone only to make important calls such as checking up on your child at school or any other family work that has to be urgently attended to. Other social calls can wait till you reach home and are at leisure.

If you are busy at college or at work and you feel you should be available, then let the voice mail pick it up. Later on, during your free time you could check up your messages. This will be less disturbing than talking to the caller each time. Cell Phone Etiquette demands that you make your private calls during breaks and move somewhere away from your colleagues where you can have a private conversation. Never take your cell phone into the restroom as this is a kind of invasion of your privacy.

When you attend any important meetings cell phone etiquette demands that you leave your instrument behind as the alternative of putting it in vibration mode does't always work positively. One is tempted to peer into it out of curiosity and this might disturb others not to mention yourself. This could also result in you missing out some important part of the conversation or discussion.

It is also not part of cell phone etiquette to keep peeking at your instrument when your senior is talking. It is definitely considered rude to do this in a class too. Just wait until the meeting or discussion is finished and then you can attend to your pending calls. These are just some simple rules on cell phone etiquette.

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