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Not Recommended Anymore - Universal Car Phone Mount Review

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Luckily, my phone survived without any defect. It's fallen down on the seat twice. It works just fine. Only minor complaints: it's ugly, and the phone's power cord bumps the dash a bit. The phone cannot be charged while in the holder so I had to return the holder and look for something compatible. I didn't get to the point of even setting it up in my car. It fits my 2009 Toyota Highlander. The cons listed above are minor. When I say hard to keep steady I mean the leg of the mount that is supposed to push the mount up from a spot under the vent isn't too sturdy and moves around a lot. The vent is STILL adjustable depending on where you place the mount. The vent mount fits better in the 1989 but does just fine in the 2006 model. It fits my Evo snugly with the adjustable spring loaded arms when positioned horizontally or vertically.

Even with no phone attached, if I stuck it to a surface, it would fall off within 5 seconds or so. I thought maybe it was because my windshield was cold, but after it was warmed up, it still didn't work.

I even saw my sister eying it with envy. I have a 2004 Acura RSX and I found that only the Windshield attachment works for my car. Very easy to assemble and the parts fit very well. The grip is snug and the phone sits securely in it.

You don't have to worry about this one falling off like most others. If you have a problem it might be getting it off!

I emailed Arkon, and got a very fast response (within a day.) They shipped me out a replacement suction cup. They never asked me for a receipt, although they did request some pictures of the unit. The suction cup for the windshield is nice and heavy duty and doesn't let go in the hot sun the way my Garmin will. The vent clip fits on both my old S70 Volvo and my wife's Audi but isn't quite as tight gripped onto the fins of the vent as I would like.

This had not been an issue because the clamping mechanism is excellent. It holds the phone firmly in place. It is sold for a great price. It's universal, so if you ever change phones you can continue using it.

I was concerned about this, as I didn't want to risk my new phone in something that wouldn't hold it right. But after trying it out, I'm very pleased with how snugly the mount grips the phone.

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