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New Ways Of Communicating With Cell Phones

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This article attempts to look at some of the key changes that mobile or cell phones have brought to the way people use their phones. Mobiles or smartphones have enabled people to access a range of applications on their phone and offer new ways of working and staying in touch with family and friends. No longer used for just making calls they now allow people to perform a wide range of tasks that would have once only been possible on a work or home computer.

The latest mobiles or smartphones allow people to stay in touch and share information with their work colleagues whilst out of the office environment. Files and databases can be emailed and shared from different locations. For many employees this has promoted greater flexibility in the workplace and enabled those seeking opportunities such as working from home to show that they can successfully fulfill their tasks from any location.

Smartphones ability to incorporate new technology means that they can be used to listen to music whilst on the go. Rather than having a large music collection at home favourite tracks from music websites can be be purchased and downloaded directly onto the phone. Some mobiles have inbuilt music applications allowing quick and easy access to music websites.

One of the many advantages of having a smartphone is that it can make it easier to keep in easily contact with family that live a long distance away and old friends. Many smartphones include applications to social media websites so that people can update their website profile to inform others of their news and experiences. Photos can also be uploaded directly from the smartphone onto a website or emailed to contacts. These applications also sometimes include a function that allows people to see if any friends are at a nearby location such as a bar so that arrangements could be made to meet up there.

Watching a film or television program was once something done in a fixed location this has changed with smartphones which provide new ways of viewing films and television and internet clips. Items can be downloaded and stored on the mobile to watch or kept for viewing at another time. This facility is often particularly welcomed by those seeking ways of passing the time on a long train or bus trip.

The built in camera on smartphones is often of such a high quality that it may no longer be necessary to have a separate camera. It gives people the opportunity to take pictures and share them with friends and family so that they do not miss out on special moments. This can be achieved either through emailing them or by downloading them onto a social media website. Photos can also be sent to a home computer and printed off to allow a hard copy to be kept.

For many people cell phones offer many of the facilities and functions of a home computer without being tied to one location. It has meant that tasks once normally performed in the workplace can be carried out whilst at home or at another location. The opportunity to share photos and news with others is also widely welcomed.

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