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Mobile Phone Etiquette

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How come we find it necessary as a society to consistently be on the phone? If live in or close to any big city in the U.S. you will find the number of individuals walking the streets on a daily basis on their cell phones astonishing.

Who are these people speaking with? Are they conversing with each other? Could they be doing crucial business while trying outfits on at the mall? Are they stock trading and running businesses while eating lunch at their favored restaurant?

What is very important that it can't hold back until they're either in the privacy of their very own home or their workplaces to discuss?

Since the introduction of mobile phones into our society, our world stands forever changed. With mobile phone lines outnumbering landlines in several countries, more people are drawn into the 21st century even if their surroundings prove otherwise.

Once merely a luxury for the rich and famous, cell phones are now commonplace in day-to-day living. But having a cell phone doesn't automatically mean an individual is aware of proper phone etiquette.

In fact the use of mobile phones seems to have given people permission to be rude and not be accountable. Etiquette and general respect have all been tossed out the window. We are now forced to listen to private conversations about families, bodily functions, doctor's visits and everything else imaginable.

Somehow people have managed to forget that they are in a public place and everyone around them can hear what is being discussed and at an above average volume.

Sometimes the subjects of conversations are only plain embarrassing. When we're out with our children doing our errands and the sort, we usually are not ready to explain adult conversations to our little ones.

Perhaps people today don't realize we actually don't want to know what happened when they got drunk in a pub the previous evening.

People forget how loud their mobile phone conversations are too. Do you really want the bakery girl on the other side of the store knowing what your test results from the doctor are?

One such example is in driving. Many states today are trying to pass laws that ban drivers from using any sort of handheld phone unit while operating a vehicle.

They have proven a distraction and in society today when we are constantly on the move and in a hurry, we tend to multi-task more and pay attention less to what is going on around us.

Mobile phone etiquette has become such an issue that places of business are now beginning to ban the use of the cellular devices while there.

Movie theaters require that you turn your ringer off while inside. The National Association of Theater Operators is currently petitioning the FCC to make movie theaters exempt from the communications act of 1934.

Basically what this will do is make it legal to block cell phone signals in the movie theater. But it wouldn't have gone this far if people just did the right thing to begin with.

Maybe at some time, there will be a mandatory class whenever you get a cellular phone. A class that teaches common courtesy and respect and of course, etiquette.

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By Perlita Claiborne

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