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Love This Product - Cigarette Lighter Phone Mount Review

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I guess my GPS vent mount is from the same company because the mounts are compatible and now I don't have to detach the vent piece when swapping between using my car and my wife's car. This mount works great for the iPhone 4 and more than likely any smartphone or PDA. Just holds like it should, like a tree branch. I don't use the air vent attachment because those are just silly ways to break your vents, but the suction cup setup is the way to go and it works fantastic!

This mount is perfect for the Sprint Evo 4g. It fits phone with all ports exposed.

As I often say in Amazon reviews: if you THINK you want this product, then you do. You might be worried that it won't work with your smart phone, or that the low price implies a lack of quality. I noticed the whole trip her GPS was bouncing the whole time and my phone never moved. Not sure about the vent mount so I can't comment but the window mount works great! I would recommend this to my family. Product works well; my only complaint is for the vent hooks for the device. The vent clips work great, I just push them into the grille or yank them out without worrying about it falling out. It is less conspicuous than a suction cup mount but does the same job. What this does is extend the two large padded arms as far out as they can go, and then you set your device in and squeeze the arms until they hold your device snugly. Then, to release, you just press the release button and the arms extend out again, releasing your device.

If you don't treat it bad it will last for a LONG TIME. You get 3 options for set up and you can use it whichever way you want...what the heck is better than that"

I was leery at first with ordering it due to some reviews but couldn't beat the price. It works great!

This is the best car mount that money can buy, and it's even at a cheap price too. It works OK but has some design flaws. I purchased this mount hoping to use my vent instead of the suction cup because I wanted to use a phone-mount that I could remove easily in its entirety. In my experience suction cups don't stay in place if they are regularly removed and re-installed. This works well for the iPhone 4 in my BMW e46 vent. It's easy to install.

This thing is not cheaply made. It IS well put together.

For me, it's not a big issue. Quality is at par with my expectations.

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By Victoria Griffin

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