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How To Find A Mobile Phone For Visually Impaired

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Present day mobile phones are packed with incredible collection of gadgetry features like high quality camera, music players, voice recorders, internet options and so on. These are all good I there own places; but what about the needs of people with impaired vision, hearing and such other disabilities?

Thankfully, we do have some cellular phone producers who manufacture phones catering to the need of such people. Especially for people who are visually challenged, there are certain phones which they can use without much difficulty.

However, new innovations such as screen readers in mobiles are helping a lot in making phones fit for use by all. Screen reading software eliminates the problem that visually impaired people have in reading the text on screen or navigate a cell phone.

Most phones today have numbers embossed on the keys. This helps a visually impaired person make out the numbers on the keypad only by touching the buttons.

There are some phones which have voice control programs in them. Such a feature enables you to operate these mobiles with voice commands and minimum keypad use.

People with partial vision can go for phones that are equipped with screen magnifiers. Such software helps magnifying letters and images which are otherwise not very visible to them. These magnifiers offer magnifications of about 2x or more.

For people who don't have vision at all, there are phones with no screen and very few buttons. This kind of arrangement ensures easy usability.

So to conclude, you may not find all these features in one handset. In case you don't, then make sure you figure out what functions would you need the most and pick a handset with the right combination of features. Doing so will only make, the user's phone experience a present one.

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By Martin Elmer

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