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Gave As A Present And They Like It - Best Cell Phone Car Mount Review

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I haven't quit using this since I got it. It's certainly made juggling my phone while traveling easier!

I found myself having to hold the suction cup up to the car heater to loosen the plastic up so it could suction to the window/mount disc. All in all, great item! Will have to see how it holds up over time. Rattles when empty and fully open, but squeezing the sides together slightly prevents this I bought this for my iPhone for Honda CRV (2011). After being installed the mount holds my phone at the perfect angle for using the Car Panel app on my phone for navigation and such. Also, this mount is much sturdier than most I have come across- a definite plus as most look like they'll fall apart in short order (and usually do). Overall it's a useful product if you have GPS software on your iPhone, and I'm very happy so far. I received the item on time and I liked the design and its ease of use. For example, the supporting legs that the phone rest on can be adjusted or removed by sliding them, as well as moved to the track on the other end of the unit (essentially turning it upside down) which gave better clearance for the volume button on my phone. Additionally, I had to remove the supporting foot of the vent clamp (by squeezing it) and flip it around so it had a better stance on the edge of the vent.

This product is perfect. I'm currently using the air vent holder and find that there are no distractions at all.

As soon as it arrived I mounted it to my heater vent and took it for a test drive. I am amazed at how well it holds my Droid Incredible 2 while bouncing down our local dirt roads filled with pot holes and recommend to anyone in need of an easy to use mount especially if you use your phone as a GPS unit.

It fits Sprint HTC EVO & HERO in addition to most GPSs. The windshield mount works great in my husband's van. Just note that the universal joint is not great. I've only used through a/c vent holder for my EVO.

He says that's great but he wishes the suction cup was as good as this one. This mount is top quality very versatile. I bought the Akron universal windshield mount about 8 months ago. I moved it between two cars approximately every two weeks during this period.

It is an inexpensive device, a little more bulky than necessary on the sides of the mount (and why would you want that if you have a sleek phone?). Mostly does what it is supposed to and is cheap, which is what I was going for being skeptical as to whether it would fit correctly. The vent clips are poorly designed, and have a hard time holding onto the vents. Though they have several teeth implying you can set them deeper in for better grip, only one set of all those teeth is actually aligned to grab the vent properly.

I don't have that fear with the vent mounting. This is surprising good quality for the price.

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By Ella Clark

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