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Free Apps 4 Android : Button Savior +Pro Key

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Button Savior +Pro Key

If you are afraid of breaking your hardware keys or you have broken keys or you simply just don't have any key on your device, get Button Savior to make your life easier.

This app will display a floating software key panel which can be summoned everywhere anytime.

Requires root for full function. Some keys can still work without root.
For non root user: You can still user power off, Home, Camera, and Call keys.

Top 1 Software key App on Android Market
Top 10 Must have app for root devices
Top 1 Must have app on HTC HD2
Top 1 Software key app with best customization features
Works from 1.5 to 4.0(ICS)

  • Simulates 'Home' 'Back' 'Search' 'Recent Task' 'Screen Off'
  • Can set to always open or auto hide based on user customizable timer
  • Two types of trigger action to choose from
  • Added Camera key and Call key simulation
  • Customizable trigger position
  • Also provides themes to support e-ink display
  • Can change it to one click mode for super fast button action in option
  • Can create shortcut action such as call someone or go to bookmark on Call or Camera keys.
Download This Free App For Android Here:

Android Download Important! Downloading with your Android stock browser will not work and result in an error.
Download Firefox for Android (free on the market) or use your PC to download.
Or just buy a Premium account from FileServing...

zip file: 1.47MB


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