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Different Technologies to Charge Your Mobile Phone

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It seems almost everyday cell phone news reports various new cellular phones being announced with new features which require more powerful processors where battery life is often a obstacle. One key complaint from cell phone owners is battery life. The more powerful the smartphone, the shorter the battery life. Furthermore, as the battery ages, the batter life will reduce.

Another problem is if you are outdoors and don't have your mobile phone charger or is close to an electrical outlet, your cell phone will die. If you can access an electrical outlet, you have to wait around several minutes (approximately a half hour) to get good charge. This can be a problem.

  • Mechanized Energy

There are some companies exploring different technologies to help make re-charging your cell phone faster and easier. One company named InStep NanoPower has produced a cheap simple high-power energy harvester to convert mechanical energy by way of walking into electrical energy (as much as 20 watts). This energy is enough to prolong battery time of any cell phone.

Scientists at Simon Frasier University (SFU) in British Columbia has also developed a wearable machine that yields electricity from walking and promises to change the way we charge portable battery-powered devices.

  • Solar Technology

If you are ever stranded outdoor in the sun's light, it is possible to use solar powered energy to recharge your cell phone. There are gadgets already on the market for purchase that makes use of solar energy to recharge your cell phone. The solar panels are small enough to attach to your cell phone so when you are outdoor the mobile phone is being charged. These gadgets can recharge your cell phone, even if it's entirely dead. A full charge using solar energy takes 6 to 10 hours for most mobile phones. One company is SolDesign Lab who engineered a Solar Pump Charging Station.

  • Portable Power

There are a few portable chargers on the market that you can travel with, in case you are not near to a charging station. The type of device is the Turbocell Charger which utilizes AA batteries to charge your phone's lithium battery as much as 2 hours of additional talk time. These types of products should really be used as backups in case you find yourself in a situation where you have no access to an electrical outlet.

  • Wind Energy

Orange, a U. K. based telecommunications firm, in 2007 announced plans to launch the Orange Mobile Wind Charger to recharge portable electronic devices outdoor such as mobile phones.

The Mobile Wind Charger is a mini turbine that connects to the top of a camping tents and stores electricity in a control box that you can plug into your cellular phone. The unit is designed for use outdoor and will take about 24 hours to thoroughly recharge the common cellphone with winds of 12 mph.

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