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Cell Phones Can Affect the Skin Condition

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Cell Phones Can Affect the Skin Condition
Cell phones have been irreplaceable today- we just cannot function without them. Can you remember the last time you left home and forgot your mobile phone? You almost certainly had a sinking feeling in your gut when you realized that you were incommunicado. But as useful and convenient as cell-phones are, they also come with some health risks. Cell telephones may cause everything from skin problems to cancer, so some precautions must be taken.

  • Skin Problems Due to Mobiles

Folk who talk on their cell phones a lot and hold their telephones up to their faces can get a thing by the name of mobile telephone dermatitis. This is a genuine condition and has been studied by the Brit Organisation of Dermatitis and consists of a rash on the jaw, ears or cheeks. It is caused by the nickel in numerous phones, which a lot of people are sensitive to. This difficulty can be especially abundant in folk who don't switch which side they talk on the telephone. If the telephone is continually on one side of your face, there's more of a chance that your skin will suffer irritation by it.

  • Methods to Prevent Skin Conditions

There are just a few different things folk can do to stop skin complaints from their telephones. The first is by using an earbud or Bluetooth head-set. If the telephone isn't touching your face, then it can't cause Problems on your skin. Another possibility is to check with the telephone manufacturers and find cell phones that do not contain nickel. And of course reducing the quantity of time that you talk on your cellular phone will help.

  • Mobile Radiation

There has been lots of forwards and backwards in the medical profession about whether cell phones are safe. A Danish study back in 2006 claimed that this was completely safe to use cell-phones, but recently the study has been criticised as being defective. There is no doubt that in our present technical world, we are exposed to vast amounts of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from our appliances, devices and power lines. Cellular telephones are no exception, and the threat comes from both the handsets as well as the cell towers. Studies have connected brain growths and genetic damage to cell phone radiation.

So what are you able to do? Luckily some of the solutions for reducing cellular telephone radiation are the same as the ones to reduce skin irritation from cellphones. The first thing to do is to get an ear bud or head-set. This puts real physical space between your head and the radiation, so protecting you. There are special headphones built to reduce radiation, so go looking for these. There is also something called ferrite beads which you can add to regular wired ear buds to help absorb radiation. It's not commended to get a Bluetooth headset if your objective is reduce radiation, since it'll emit its own type of radiation. Also, never use your telephone when the signal is bad. Your phone will use more power trying to get a signal strong enough to talk on, and although it does this, it is radiating more radiation.

Of course getting off your cell telephone is probably the best way to reduce radiation. The less time that your cellular phone is on and close to your head, the more well off you'll be re reducing your risk of sickness due to radiation.

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