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Watch Video With HTC Evo Design 4G

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HTC EVO Design 4G - ZayTechno
There are plenty of high-tech features instilled in HTC EVO Design 4G that are leaving the Smartphone users in utter astonishment. Yes the 3D capabilities, 4G connectivity is just but some of the exciting features you will find in the Smartphone but there are also video applications you have never had off.

Everyone is either trying to buy or own a smart phone. Since its release to the market the Smartphone has gained a lot of popularity across the globe doubling the popularity some of the major mobile device have had in the market since their release. The smart phone has set completely new standards in the market which mark the challenge line for the next generation smart phones. There is no need to have a 3D glass to watch 3D videos on your Smartphone and this feature has created a new trend in this field.

By now you must have had an idea regarding what features this smart phone has to offer to you. A huge network of applications can be expected to be installed on the device due to the android operating system interface on this device. These devices with multitasking features and high performances have benefited a lot from the Android operating system as it has become the latest feature in the mobile market. The major advantage regarding the operating system is that its operating system can be upgraded to the latest versions.

This device has a per installed flash player that allows you to watch videos streaming online without any hiccups. This means that videos that are available on websites like YouTube and social networks like Facebook can be watched directly from your smart phone without the addition of another device. If you are advanced user then you can install the Next Gen Media Server, the application is simply a multipurpose media server that delivers live and online streaming videos to various devices.

The smart phone also has a preloaded media player that enables one to play videos that are stored in an external or internal memory. If the preinstalled media player does not meet your requirements then you always have the option to upgrade the media player application. You will be able to watch all the videos with crystal clarity on the 4.3 inch gorilla glass touch screen. The 4.3 inch touch screen is also protected by a screen protector which ensures that the screen is fully protected from scratches, finger prints and dust that may disrupt your visibility.

HTC Evo Design 4G
There are many other applications that you can acquire through the online application store such as applications to convert videos from one format to another and so on. There are others that allow you to edit the video and adjust its quality and clarity. But whatever applications you choose, you must first check its compatibility with the android operating system. Many other applications are also available in the market to facilitate the connectivity between the device and various accessories to enhance your video watching experience on your mobile phone. The HTC EVO Design 4G accessories come in many different shapes and sizes. A case is one of the best accessories when it comes to preserving the original look of your mobile device.

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