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Sick of Prank Callers? Here's a Simple Fix

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Prank callers, can be more than just annoying for many people. Actually, often these calls can create a sense of paranoia and panic, particularly when the victim feels singled out, or is vulnerable and alone.

They also disrupt our lives and deprive us of peace and quiet, and often good nights' sleep too.

What's the simple fix to these pest callers?

One option is a PI, aka the private investigator. They may be able to help you stop the calls, or even find out who's making the calls and get them stopped.

However, don't expect such a service to come cheap.

You could also try doing a reverse phone lookup at one of the many free web sites available, but most of these prank callers don't use public landline numbers - and sadly free services only give details of land line numbers, not cell phones.

There are specialized services now available online which do provide you with the right information, including cell phones. Finding the right service is the key to stopping these people in their tracks, otherwise you may end up with the wrong information or not enough information to get some form of action taken against these callers.

Once you have the information...

There are lots of steps you can take once you have the info to hand. You could try and freak them out by calling them by their first name, or perhaps making reference to where they live.

A more recommended option is to approach the police or to file a harassment complaint. Most of the time, it will never reach this stage, but by having this sort of information to hand, you have options.

Just remember - if you want to stop prank callers, you need information - and the best place to get that information is through a specialized phone database which contains full details of cell phones and land lines across the US, so you will be sure to catch your wise crack caller before you lose another nights' sleep again...

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By Harry Constantine

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