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If You Approach Me You Could Wind Up Taking A Peek At Me Nude

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By Joanne Rapfield

Is it time to say goodbye to privacy and giving out photographs with no restrictions - to friends and even to strangers? Yes, Color is here, the hottest photo-sharing network developed by Bill Nguyen. It was announced just last week but it claims to capture a fairly decent market share. Nguyen could be remembered as the entrepreneur who sold his music-streaming company Lala to Apple in 2009 for approximately $80 million.

Color is a social networking app for iPhone and Android devices that allows you share your photographs with anyone inside 150 feet. Basically, it is a photo-sharing application that is very like to other mobile apps like Instagram or PicPiz. The advantageous factor for Color is its proximity-based sharing functionality. For this reason, it holds a far better potential.

Any two users using the application close to each other can share their pictures. Color notes it routinely and records these dealings. The people you hang out with most appears higher up on your contact list. The person's ranking goes down as the frequency of being together decreases. Color does not give significance to whether or not you know these persons you get close to most frequently. As long as they are inside the 150-meter radius, Color will deem them as friends.

Some users are worried despite the large promise of this new app to create a new group of users. The reason is apparent, Color has no privacy controls. Any picture that you share is completely public, accessible to all other users within 150 feet. If there are 50 other users inside this area, then all of them can see the photographs you post. The company may encourage users to abide by so-called netiquette but the risk of abuse cannot be set aside.

Sequoia Capital, m Bain Capital and Silicon Valley Bank have put in a large sum of investment adding up $41 million. This bulky funding from such companies, considering that the app is very new, is a sign that Color has a huge marketing potential. And where would the revenues come from? These would surely come from advertisers.

The probability for Color to attain popularity in a short period is not remote; in fact that could be out of the question. Its potential to create an "elastic network" facilitates the user's odds of finding more friends from strangers. Color has won the race in presenting a choice to those users who find complexity in using the various older social networking applications.

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