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Excess the Sony Ericsson X8

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Excess The Sony Ericsson X8
The Sony Ericsson X8 has been among the mid range android smart phones that the company has produced. This 3G enable phone was design was in the Xperia series. The phone has a wide market in many countries including the US. The original shipping run on android 1.6 and upgrading done in early 2011 to the more enhanced version 2.1. It has been a favorite for those who prefer small phones due to the miniature design.

With a 3.2 mega pixel camera, it also has a 76mm capacitive screen that is touch enabled. The screen measurement is three inches. The camera, which can be accessed by use of a touchscreen menu option or a backside button, is located on the back of phone. While taking photos, they can be geotagged instantly.

Excess The Sony Ericsson X8
It has Qualcomm processor of 600 megahertz that supports the type of applications it runs. It has a 3-axis accelerometer whose purpose is to auto rotate. It is also fitted with a built in Geographical positioning system. Strap attachment is provided by a lug, it also contains a digital compass. To avoid scratches, the surface is scratch resistant.

It is fitted with custom software but also allows installing of open source software. The program combination includes customized applications, themes and elements of design. The phones four corners have common application shortcuts, which can are replaceable. Timescape, which is the main application, is a social networking tool that combines different social sites messages into a column on the home screen.

The phone has the obvious applications common in smart phones such as Google maps, PlayNow Arena, WisePilot navigation and TrackId among other applications. It supports different applications and the upgrading of operating system has gone a long way in increasing the number of applications that it supports.

The design of the device is very impressive. It has three front buttons namely the Home, menu and back buttons. On the right side of phone are the dedicated camera and the volume key. On the top are the USB port, headphone jack, the button for powering on, and locking the screen.

Excess The Sony Ericsson X8 has other amazing features such as Wi-Fi capability, Adobe flash support, and memory card support, a dedicated music player and radio among other features. This has made the phone a favorite among many people and the improvement the company has offered has gone a long way in satisfying customers.

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