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5 Apps iPhone for Holiday

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Apps iPhone for Holiday

It seems that there is an app for the iPhone in almost every occasion. Personal organizers, music players, and games of the year in the charts. But the holidays fast approaching, it's not surprising that the developers of the iPhone is busy creating exciting holiday-themed games. Games that do not require a lot of thought to participate in the great strategy game, every game is a holiday. Variations on the classic games, new toys and games that are a combination of both seems to rise in popularity in this time of year. However, there are five game inspired by the holidays in particular have become very popular across the board, and here is a brief description of each.

  1. Jive Turkey Shoot: In this shooting game, classical style takes over Thanksgiving, and the only way to stop it is to shoot the following items! The goal is to shoot accurately turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, leaves and other items inspired by the fall. The level of difficulty depends on the level of the game - and the difficulty increases, so does the number of objects to shoot. Take your time, though, shooting inaccurately reduced the score. The player with the highest score wins.
  2. Pinball Snow Christmas: the snowman is the main character in this action-packed pinball game. Like all traditional pinball game, the goal is to get the highest score by throwing the ball as many times as possible without falling out of their reach. There are a few turns of the game this holiday - even Scrooge tries to steal the ball, and Santa will also be lost. Flip your way to the high score in this classic Christmas theme.
  3. Run Santa Claus: Everyone knows that Santa Claus deliver Christmas gifts, but what happens if you simply do not have enough time? Run for Santa Claus to help Santa deliver presents to the children of the world, Christmas is over! Fly in the night sky, and shares the gifts of the houses before time runs out. The advance in the game difficulty and the time flies faster and faster. Help save Christmas, and the way to the high score.
  4. Triazzle holiday: The version of the popular applications, Triazzle Triazzle Holiday Classic is a game where the player is a full nine-piece puzzle triangle revolve, rotate, and otherwise manipulate the pieces. So what's the trick? The pieces look like, it is difficult to say what goes where! This version of the holiday, holiday-themed things all the puzzles are pictures. Flip, twist, and the design through all the difficulties, it gets harder level.
  5. Weezer Christmas: A Christmas-themed game is a delight to a lover's touch screen. Similar to the popular game "Dance Dance Revolution", players tap and shake the device to the holiday sounds of the popular band, Weezer. A real treat for anyone, this game is a perfect marriage of the spirit of Christmas and popular culture. The player with the highest score wins.

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