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Tips Choosing a Laptop

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Tips Choosing a Laptop
Tips Choosing a Laptop
Laptop seems to have not a luxury anymore. Those with high mobility and frequent travel, choose a laptop as a 'true friend' that accompany each of their work wherever they go.

But not a few consumers who are hesitant and confused when trying to buy a new laptop since the laptop is not cheap stuff. Moreover currently popping up various types of laptops with different specs and brand, any price varies. Not infrequently the consumer to buy a laptop with specs that 'wow' without thinking about its usefulness.

How to choose a laptop that suits your needs? Consider the following a few quick tips:

1. First determine its usefulness, whether the laptop will be used to design and gaming,
to develop the system, or mobile.
- If the laptop is used for the purpose of design and gaming, should you choose specs
laptop with emphasis on the VGA card (Video Graphics Array) and memory
reliable. If you want a laptop with a higher capacity, choose a multi-core technology
and 64-bit architecture is highly recommended.

For the use of graphic design or gaming, you should choose a laptop with a VGA high power and large memory in order to design and game play feels more 'light'. VGA card itself is useful to translate the computer output to the monitor. While memory is sebuat digital data storage devices, while generally having the capacity based on the size of a standard digital bits of 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB and so on (multiples of two).

- For developing, usually develop needed software that requires resource
high. You can choose to consider a laptop with a processor and memory with
high specification in order to balance the development of software and developing tools
an increasingly 'greedy' memory. Multi-core technology and 64-bit architecture is also recommended.

- For mobile, you can emphasize the choice of battery life, laptop weight, screen size,
as well as some internal features such as wifi connectivity, bluetooth, IrDA, NetworkCard, Modem.

2. Apart from the use of selection, some of which should be considered in selecting
is about a big-screen laptop, laptop weight and battery life. If you will frequently
use a laptop on the go, you should select a lightweight laptop, with screen sizes
which is not too large so as not to trouble him.
Battery life is also worthy of consideration. Generally, laptop batteries can last at least 2 to 3 hours without connecting to the adapter. If you want to conserve battery life, turn off functions such as WiFi or Bluetooth because these functions will increase battery consumption.

3. Consider after-sales service.
When about to buy a laptop, do not forget to consider the after-sales service
ranging from service outlets (many or not easily accessible or not), availability
spare parts and resale price. Do not choose a laptop spare parts it is difficult
sought. It is suggested, do not buy a laptop spare parts it is difficult to find.

Tips for buying Laptops Used:
Buying a used laptop can be attractive options. For example, you want to save money or just buy the laptops for children to be computer literate. Whatever the reason, here are some tips on buying quality used laptops as quoted from Blaptops:

1. Consider Thoroughly Physical Laptops
ChassisThe condition of the laptop chassis to indicate whether the laptop well cared for. Take a good look around the laptop chassis, so you will not regret later for not carefully observe the damage.
Laptop Screen Laptop LCD screen is one of the most expensive component. Therefore, make sure the laptop screen is still able to work well.

Keyboard and Touchpad Make sure the laptop keyboard and touchpad still works fine. This is due to replace the keyboard and touchpad, in addition to costs are also not as easy as on desktop.

2. Consider Thoroughly Component Laptops
ProcessorsFor now, you should buy a used laptop berprossesor at least a Pentium III. This processor is capable of running modern operating systems like Windows XP reasonably well.
MemoryRAM memory is usually priced at the moment. Thorough and check whether the RAM capacity can be upgraded easily if one day you want it. It is recommended that the laptop had a capacity of at least 512 Mb RAM.

Hard Drive Capacity Old laptop might only have a maximum capacity of 40 GB hard drive, some have only 10 GB. Determine the capacity that meets your needs in storing data.
BatteryLaptop batteries are usually weak. Consider whether you need a new battery. If for example a laptop is only used at home, you may not need new batteries and can rely on electrical power.

3. Ask Yourself
Ask yourself whether it has been steadily buying used laptop. Is the laptop is about to survive long enough or should you wait for time to buy a new one? Remember, the price of a new laptop is diminishing as the development of technology. But if you have steady buying used laptop by considering a variety of profit and loss, just do it.

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